《好青年荼毒室》與鹽叔割席事件的哲學反思, 陶國璋X《趙氏讀書生活》


Apr 23

趙氏曾任教於美國Bryant University 、北京理工大學珠海學院、深圳大學、香港樹仁大學、臺灣中央研究院近史所等多間學府,歷任客座教授、副教授、研究員、助理教授、高級訪問學者;

2018年獲中國經濟思想史優秀(一等)著作獎,研究題目包括經濟思想、經濟史、政治經濟學,出版著作二十一部,論文三十餘篇。英國權威出版社 Routledge給予 "中國和西方頂尖學者(leading Chinese and Western scholar)" 的評價。

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Gavin Sin Hin Chiu (趙善軒) is a well-known academic with expertise in the areas of economic thought, economic history, and political economy. He has taught at several universities, including Bryant University in the United States, the Zhuhai College of Beijing Institute of Technology, Shenzhen University, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, and the Institute of Modern History at the Taiwan Central Research Institute. He has also served as a visiting professor, associate professor, researcher, assistant professor, and senior visiting scholar.

In 2018, Dr. Chiu was awarded the first-class award for outstanding works in the history of Chinese economic thought. He has published twenty-one books and more than thirty papers, and the UK's authoritative publisher, Routledge, has evaluated him as a "leading Chinese and Western scholar."

In his book, "The Political Economy of the Han Dynasty and Its Legacy," Dr. Chiu and co-author S.C. Kwan examine monetary thought in the Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms period (220–280 BCE). In the article, "The 'Cold War' between Ho Ping Ti and Academia Sinica. The Changing Political Identity of the Overseas Chinese," Dr. Chiu examines the political and intellectual conflict between Professor Ho Ping Ti and Academia Sinica during the period of 1967-1990.

Dr. Chiu is also the co-author of "The Income of the Customs during Late Ming and Early Qing," a book review of the "Note of the Customs Duties in the Qing Dynasty, 1644-1911," and the editor of "Search from the Beginning: The Intellectual Thought and Education in pre-Qin and Qin-Han Dynasties."

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