高院合議庭: 口號「可」用作盛載「煽惑港獨」意思即違法
135.We accept Professor Lau’s opinion that the two parts of the Chinese Slogan (ie “光復香港” and “時代革命”) have a close semantic connection and cannot be construed separately. They must be viewed as a phrase of words or slogan as a whole.

136.In answering the question posed above, we do not find the analysis of the Defence Experts particularly helpful. .....

137. We should reiterate that what we are concerned with in this case is not whether the Slogan meant one and only one thing as contended by Mr Grossman but whether the Slogan, when taken as a whole after considering all the relevant circumstances, was capable of inciting others to commit secession
2021/07/27, 4:58:24 下午
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