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Whilst people have been arrested and detained for their involvement in anti-government protests and there have been reports of mistreatment during these arrests, the treatment incurred is not sufficiently serious by its nature and repetition as to amount to a generalised risk of persecution or serious harm.

In addition, as set out under ‘risk’ above, fear of being injured during a
protest or a fear of being arrested during or after a protest in the Hong Kong
context is not sufficiently serious by its nature and/or repetition to amount to
a well-founded fear of persecution from the state. Similarly, heavy-handed
policing during violent demonstrations is not the same as an unwillingness or
inability of the state to provide effective protection.

More fundamentally, the levels of violence (deaths and serious injuries) – there have been 2 deaths and a very small percentage of protesters have suffered serious injuries as a result of the demonstrations – cannot be said to be at “such a high level” that there are “substantial grounds for believing that the person (civilian) concerned, if returned to Hong Kong, would face a real risk of serious harm by virtue of a serious and individual threat to their life or person solely on account of their presence
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