Petition to the Government of Canada

[*]On July 17, 2019, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the situation in Hong Kong, calling for “appropriate export control mechanisms” on technologies that could be used to violate human rights;
[*]Since June 12, 2019, the Hong Kong Police has been using excessive force against protestors and journalists. Many incidents were reported regarding firing tear gas directly into the crowd, and shooting protesters and journalists in their heads;
[*]On July 21, 2019, hundreds of triad members dressed in white attacked commuters and protesters in a metro station, which leaving 45 people hospitalized. The HK police had deliberately turned a blind eye to prevent the bloodshed. Later in that evening, only two men were arrested for unlawful assembly;
[*]The safety of approximately 300,000 Canadian residing in HK is at great risk due to the escalating situation between protestors and HK government.

We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to
1) Impose appropriate export control to deny access to technologies that could be used to violate human rights.
2) Urge HK government to completely withdraw the controversial extradition bill, and express serious concern on the deteriorating freedom of press, speech and rule of law.
3) Ban and/or sanction key officials of HK government and police force who are responsible for human rights violation and corruption as per the Justice for the Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act.

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