美國伊利諾州工廠爆槍擊事間, 4警察受傷1人死亡15年老員工闖入掃射
•The shooting started at 1.40pm at Henry Pratt Company in Aurora, Illinois, around 40 miles from Chicago
•Law enforcement sources said the person killed was the suspected gunman, who has not yet been named
•Four police officers and 12 civilians were injured during the active shooter situation
•Witnesses say the shooter is an employee who opened fire in one of the aisles, 'shooting everybody'
•He was apprehended around an hour after the shooting began
•Henry Pratt is a water valve manufacturing company which is one of the largest in the country

One person has been killed and four police officers and 12 civilians were wounded in a shooting at the Henry Pratt manufacturing warehouse in Aurora, Illinois, on Friday afternoon. Law enforcement is pictured at the scene

A SWAT team has entered the building and dozens of other officers from the FBI and ATF are on the scene

An armed law enforcement officer runs towards the Henry Pratt Warehouse in Aurora, Illinois

Armed police at the scene with rifles patrol the scene of a shooting at a water valve manufacturing warehouse in Illinois on Friday after a shooter opened fire, injuring multiple people

There is an enormous law enforcement presence at the scene. Police confirmed at around 3.30pm, nearly two hours after the first reports, that the scene had been secured

There are a large number of emergency vehicles at the scene but it remains unclear how many have been hurt
Police dispatch respond to active shooter situation in Aurora
Gunman who opened fire at Illinois warehouse is apprehended

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