hay0: 當一隻10年前嘅大熱遊戲變免費就會惡評如潮
而steam對付hay0嘅方法就係幫你block柒佢, 因為根本全部都係冇意義又重複嘅回應

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I paid money for a game that was made free to play. Pretty♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥about it but whatever.
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Posted: 9 Nov @ 5:17am


I have put a lot of time into this game. Single player is probably the most fun.

Online is just frustrating with very poor matchmaking and players with bad attitudes. New players should be grouped with new players instead of being matched up against teams. The complaints about the game and players in the game never end. Players also get randomly disconnected on multiplayer matches. Get it if you're a WWII fan and there is a sale or if it's free.

冇新手區嘅match making online game就一定死得, 呢點同意.

玩online game同行街一樣隨時會畀精神病人鬧電腦大爆炸, 呢點嚟講負評係完全唔關隻game事, 係乘客問題.
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Although I have not played this game, I am fortunate enough to watch the entire process of this game on the live website. Can now be collected for free, I am very happy to get an opportunity to post my opinion.

The single-person plot of this game about the WWII Soviet-German War is made up of disgusting Cold War political propaganda.This attempts to prove that only Westerners are always right and unquestionable. Justice belongs only to Westerners. Even if it is the Nazis, as long as it is in the west, it will be more humanitarian than any barbarian in the east.

Look at the content of the DLC, oh my dear, the British and American soldiers made great contributions to defeat the evil Nazis, instead of killing innocent and amiable people like the Soviets.

What? In the Second World War, the bombers of the United States and Britain killed more than one million German civilians in Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden?How dare you say that?These are accidental mistakes!Let us talk about the Soviet massacre of thousands of German civilians?That is much more serious than these!

Not to mention that the British and American troops defeated 1.05 million German soldiers! What did the Soviets do? Only 3.8 million soldiers of the German army lost their battle with the Soviet Union.

Also,Not to mention the United States provided the Soviet Union with a value of $11.3 billion at the time! Of course, the British took $31.4 billion at the time in US supplies but not achieve better results than the Soviet. This does not mean anything!

The United States and the United Kingdom are real heroes! The Soviet Union is nothing but stupid and greedy barbarians who do not exist now.

So now we got this, honest Western producers can bury the Soviet in the dark corners of the evil lies and tell everyone that this is called "history". Then let the West achieve all the glory.

Well done Westerners!

I look forward to the day when you will tell everyone that the Nazis are doing good things in World War II.All barbarians who are not from the West should be killed . In any case, disgusting political propaganda is the most effective way to deal with "historical themes."
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原來係steam有bug搞到隻game畀人瘋狂負評. 慘!

I purchased this game and I also got it free later but the game won't let me play it without purchasing it which I can't do since steam says I own it. Steam has not fixed this problem which many others have had. This is a fail on both Steam and Relic.
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