今年嘅終極聖誕禮物出現了 -> Trumpy Bear
•Fox News affiliate in Washington, D.C. area aired ad on Monday morning
•Ad was for Trumpy Bear, a stuffed bear which looks like President Trump
•Texas-based company called Exceptional Products is charging $40 for the bear
•Bear also offers an American flag that can be pulled out of a pouch
•Trumpy Bear was 'born on Flag Day' and has President's hair do and red tie
•Social media ridiculed the product, initially believing it was a joke

A stuffed toy that bears a striking resemblance to Donald Trump has divided the internet

Trumpy Bear can now be bought for two installments of $20. The advert shows a teddy bear with a Trump hair-do and his usual red tie

The commercial for the Trumpy Bear ran on Fox News on Monday, sending social media into meltdown

‘God bless America, and God bless Trumpy Bear,’ one woman in the commercial says

In another scene, Trumpy Bear is riding behind the wind barrier of a motorcycle being driven down a street

‘I’m a former Marine, and I’m proud to have Trumpy Bear ride by my side,’ the motorcycle driver who is identified as Michael Rufino says in the commercial

According to the commercial, Trumpy Bear was born on June 14th, which is Flag Day. As if to drive home the point, it comes with an American flag that can be pulled out of its back pouch

The flag also doubles as an 'ultra cozy blanket' (as seen above)

Twitter users had a field day mocking and ridiculing the ad and the product

Another Twitter user tweeted: ‘Remember when Trumpy Bear was sued by the federal government because he refused to rent apartments to black bears? good times.’ Trump and his father, Fred, were sued for allegedly denying black people opportunities to rent their properties

Comedian Cyrus McQueen tweeted: ‘Seriously, what parent is gonna feel comfortable putting that Trumpy Bear in the bed with their daughter?’

Another Twitter user commented: ‘Note: Actual Trumpy Bear may come with Russian Flag, not American.*’ Trump has been criticized for not being tough enough with Russia and for cozying up to President Vladimir Putin

Frederick Joseph tweeted: ‘The Trumpy Bear is one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen'

Another Twitter user created the answer to Trumpy Bear - the Impeachment Bunny, which is a bunny rabbit that looks like Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Scott Dworkin tweeted: ‘Trumpy Bear is the next Chucky Doll.’ The Chucky Doll is a reference to the Child's Play horror movies from the 1980s and 90s

Another Twitter user tweeted: ‘Trumpy Bear to be represented by Lawyer Bear in Porn Bear payoff.’ That is a reference to Trump’s alleged hush money payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels, who alleges she and Trump had an affair more than a decade ago

Others noted that Trumpy Bear had a label that said it was made in China

Interstingly, this would not be the first time that a toy stuffed bear would be named after a president. Teddy bears originally got their names after President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, who served in office from 1901 until 1909
Hilarious official commercial for the collectable Trumpy Bear

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