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•Lion Air flight JT-610 crashed near Indonesia shortly after take-off from Jakarta, bound for Pangkal Pinang
•188 people were on board the plane when it crashed north of the Indonesian city and search is on for survivors
•Pictures from the scene showed plane debris and oil floating in the water hours after the aircraft came down
•There have been more than 40 air accidents resulting in deaths in Indonesia since 2001
•South east Asia is home to more high profile air accidents including disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370


A plane carrying 188 people has crashed into the sea north of Indonesia's capital Jakarta shortly after take-off. Rescuers are seen picking up debris

Lion Air's flight JT-610 was heading to Pangkal Pinang, an island north of Indonesia's capital. Rescuers are seen bringing plane debris onto a boat

Pictured: A passenger's bag retrieved from the water after flight JT-610 slammed into the water. The condition of the phone indicates the plane crashed with great force

The domestic flight lost contact with air traffic control at about 6.33am local time (10.33am AEDT, 11.33pm BST)

Pictured: Bhavye Suneja was one of two pilots sitting in the cockpit when the flight hit the water, Indonesian news outlets have reported

The fate of the passengers are unknown, but relatives were seen crying as they awaited news on their loved ones

No survivors have been found, and seats from the plane were found empty, floating in the ocean, striking fear into the hearts of those with loved ones on board

The relatives were seen comforting each other as they all waited as a group for news

A plane carrying 188 people has crashed into the sea north of Indonesia's capital Jakarta shortly after take-off

Rescuers pulled the belongings of passengers out of the sea, but it is not yet known if anyone survived the crash

Pictured: Wreckage from the plane and miscellaneous items belonging to its passengers

The Lion Air aircraft crashed about 13 minutes after taking off for Indonesia. It is not clear how many people were on board (pictured is the plane)

Data from the Flight Radar website showed the plane took off before it stopped transmitting north east of Jakarta

Videos online appeared to show oil and debris floating on the water after the crash (pictured)

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